Our Leadership Team

Our organization is led by a group of IEN leaders in various roles, including clinical practice, academia, and management. They volunteer their time to connect, engage, mentor, and support fellow IENs.

As IENs ourselves, we have experienced the challenges, loneliness, and frustrations of navigating the nursing registration and licensure processes in Canada.

With the support of our key partners, many of our community members are thriving in Nova Scotia.

Damilola Iduye


Damilola Iduye is a visionary leader with an avid passion for creating an environment where every IEN, irrespective of their country of origin, feels supported in their professional integration journey. She started her nursing registration process in 2011 and immigrated to Truro from Nigeria in February 2012. As a nurse with seven years of combined diploma and baccalaureate nursing education in Nigeria, Damilola was certain of a smooth transition into the Canadian nursing workforce post-migration. However, she soon realized that her aspiration to work as a nurse in Canada might not become a reality because of the difficulties she faced in completing her registration. The challenges she faced as a new immigrant birthed the advocacy journey that shaped her into a transformational leader who advocates for equitable support for IEN integration into the Canadian healthcare system.

Since becoming a Canadian registered nurse in 2015, Damilola has worked in diverse clinical settings, including ambulatory care, long-term care, and public health. She began her academic career at the Nova Scotia Community College in 2016 and joined Dalhousie School of Nursing in 2017.

Manju Kochukunju


Manju Kochukunju’s nursing journey began 25 years ago in the Indian Army, where she received comprehensive training as an officer and nurse. Her specialization in paraplegic nursing, caring for soldiers with spinal cord injuries, showcased her expertise. She gained valuable experience in various acute care settings, including a unique assignment at Leh, the world's highest-altitude hospital. In 2013, Manju moved to Canada and discovered her passion for elderly care. She earned certification in Gerontology from the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and currently works as a Facility Supervisor at Northwood. Manju’s dedication to nursing excellence was recognized in 2016 when she received the RBC Diversity Scholarship from the Canadian Nurses Foundation. She continued to enhance her leadership skills through programs like the LTC Executive Leadership program offered by CHA Learning. In 2020, her outstanding contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic earned her special recognition through the Thank a Nurse Initiative of the Canadian Nurses Foundation. Beyond her workplace, Manju actively supports and mentors IENs in their nursing careers. She is a member of the Advisory Committee for the National Newcomer Navigation Network (N4). In all her efforts, Manju embodies the qualities of an empathetic and dedicated leader.

Joshna Shrestha

Director of Communication and Finance

Joshna Shrestha is the Health Services Manager for Thoracic Surgery and IMCU at VG Nova Scotia Health. She has 15 years of nursing experience, including eight years in Nova Scotia, which has given her an extensive background in the field. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in nursing in Nepal and later pursued a Master’s in Nursing from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. Joshna has worked in various settings, including her most recent role as a nursing instructor for the RN bridging Re-Entry program at the NS Learning Institute for healthcare professionals and as a nurse manager at a long-term care facility. Her vast knowledge and experience make her an excellent support system for Canadian and internationally educated nurses. Joshna is passionate about creating a positive work environment for her colleagues.

Ramphal Yadav

Co-Director of Community Engagement and Mentorship

Ramphal Yadav is a dedicated Critical Care Nurse passionate about providing exceptional care to critically ill and trauma patients. With a background in ICU and psychiatric care in India, he brings a diverse perspective to his role at Halifax Infirmary, QEII, where he specializes in the care of critically ill and trauma patients. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Nims University in India and has recently completed the Critical Care Nursing program at the Learning Institute. Ram is not only a clinical expert but also a proactive advocate for workplace improvements. He contributed to the Diversity Committee at Northwood and currently serves on the Practice Council in the ICU, where he collaborates to enhance work conditions. He is proud to serve as one of the leaders of the Nova Scotia IENs Network, where he collaborates with other IEN leaders to support and connect nurses in the community. Ram’s professional journey reflects a commitment to high-quality patient care, workplace excellence, and collaborative leadership.

Kristine Efenio

Co-Director of Community Engagement and Mentorship

Hailing from the Philippines, Kristine is an internationally educated Registered Nurse with a rich and diverse background in healthcare. Her nursing journey began in Sint Maarten, where she spent 8.5 years as a pediatric nurse, honing her skills and passion for providing specialized care to children.

Upon relocating to Canada, she transitioned into Long-Term Care (LTC) and dedicated 5.5 years to a facility, with 2.5 years serving as an RN Clinical Leader in a special care unit.

Currently, she works as a Nursing Manager at a Retirement Living facility, where she is committed to upholding the highest standards of care for elderly residents. Leveraging her experience and leadership skills, Kristine strives to create a nurturing and inclusive healthcare environment where both residents and staff thrive.

Beyond her current duties, Kristine is deeply passionate about supporting other internationally educated nurses in their journey to excel here in Nova Scotia. Through mentorship, advocacy, and educational initiatives, she is dedicated to helping her fellow nurses navigate the Canadian healthcare system and achieve their full potential.

Steve Iduye

Director of Research

Steve Iduye is an Assistant Professor at Cape Breton University School of Education and Health. Before joining Cape Breton University in 2022, Steve worked in long-term care settings, mental healthcare facilities, and health informatics practice for 20 years. Steve is a Fellow (Highly Qualified Practitioner) with AGE-WELL Canada, an organization that provides the platform for researchers, clinicians, and students in aging and technological research to collaborate and disseminate their research to support healthy aging. As a scholar and fellow IEN, Steve’s doctoral and research trajectory focuses on reconstructing care planning and implementation using interRAI assessment tools in long-term care settings across Nova Scotia.

Jenny Maevski

Co-Director of Professional Practice and Education

As the Director of Professional Practice and Education for Registered Nurses, I bring a wealth of experience and dedication to our organization's mission. With a background forged in the fast-paced environment of Emergency Departments in Israel and Canada, I honed my clinical skills in medical, surgical, and trauma cases. Over the course of ten years, I navigated the complexities of patient care, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills amidst a multicultural patient population.

My journey continued with international transitions, as I embraced roles in Canada, contributing as a Registered Nurse. These experiences further enriched my ability to adapt to diverse healthcare settings and collaborate within interprofessional teams. Fluent in English, Hebrew, and Russian, I bridge linguistic gaps to provide holistic care.

In addition to my clinical roles, I am deeply committed to advancing nursing education and research. My role extends beyond the bedside, spearheading a non-profit education program that supports international nurses through licensing processes and workforce integration. With a passion for building a strong healthcare providers community, our organization aims to delve into the employment landscape of registered nurses, striving to enhance their professional journey.

Together, let us elevate the standards of nursing practice and empower nurses globally.

Henrietta Asamoah Gyan

Co-Director of Professional Practice and Education

Ms. Henrietta Asamoah Gyan is a licensed practical nurse in Canada. She earned her Diploma in Registered General Nursing from the Nurses Training College (Ho, Ghana) in 2016. She worked as an RN for three years in Nsawam Government Hospital and a theater nurse for four years at Kwaku Government Hospital. She currently work as a license practical nurse at Shannex Incorporated where she monitors patients, administers medications, and communicates effectively with both medical teams and patients' families. Her academic achievements, coupled with certifications in CPR, COVID-19 for Nursing Professionals, and membership in professional associations like the Nova Scotia Nurses' Union and the Ghana Registered Nursing Association, highlight her dedication to continuous learning and professional growth. She is passionate about delivering world-class patient services, emphasizing teamwork and patient-focused care. In her spare time, Henreitta loves to cook and enjoys spending time with her family.