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The NSIENN is led by a team of like-minded volunteer IENs who are passionate about facilitating the successful integration of IENs into the Nova Scotia health workforce.

IENs who volunteer with us can claim hours for leadership premiums at the end of each licensure year if they work in eligible unionized environments. The annual premium supplement is $850.00 if you earn 70 points at the end of the year.

Check out Appendix “C1” (page 171)  of the Collective Agreement between the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the Nova Scotia Council of Nursing Unions to see an example of the leadership premium requirements. You can also ask your local nursing union representative to learn more.

Become an IEN Mentor

Volunteer to lead one of our zonal communities

  • Northern Zone IENs Community Lead
  • Eastern Zone IENs Community Lead
  • Western Zone IENs Community Lead
  • Central Zone IENs Community Lead

Join NSIENN committees

  • Communications and Social Media Committee
  • Professional Practice and Education Committee
  • Community Engagement Committee
  • Mentorship Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Community Ambassadors
  • Newcomer IEN Navigators


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